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in Depth Research


  As the world's leading researcher on Cyber Security we can provide your organisation and your business leaders with unique insights and support in structuring and maintaining a Cyber Secure and resilient organisation  

Cyber Consulting and Governance


 Want to know where to start and how best to implement a Cyber program. Start here. Our consultants are some of the world's most experienced and knowledgeable and are adept at translating technical language to real world so your business leaders and your organisation can benefit  



 The easiest way to describe our services here - this is where we hack you - with your permission. Our technical team are adept at testing your infrastructure, your applications, your network.  

Training and Awareness


 70% of all data breaches are caused by people making mistakes. The easiest and best way to help your staff is to provide quality training and our staff are some of the worlds leading corporate trainers, supported by the world's most awarded learning platforms.   

Security in Depth Products

Cyber Risk Score


 The Cyber Assurance Risk Rating (CARR) is the de facto Australian standard for assessing business risk, when reviewing business relationships with third party suppliers. CARR provides a global, regional and local view of an organisation’s risk profile and the likelihood of a data breach via third party suppliers.    

Simulated Cyber Attack


 Research shows that over 75% of cyberattacks worldwide originate from a malicious email, and the number of those targeted attacks keep increasing. As we have seen in the past, both very high-profile cyber campaigns as well as less known ones, are launched with an email containing a malicious attachment or link for infecting the victims with ransomware or opening a direct connection with the Command & Control (C&C) servers of the hackers.  

Identity Protection


 GuardMyID is one of the world’s premier personal identity and cyber support services. We help individuals and organisations stop identity theft as well as reduce the harm they experience from identity theft and cyber scams – everyday 24/7