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Security Awareness

“The biggest risk for an organisation when it comes to information security is often not a weakness in the technology environment. Rather it is the action or inaction of employees…”

- PCI Security Standards Council – Best Practice for implementing security awareness.


Cyber Security awareness within an organisation involves addressing a complex mix of personalities, training and ICT knowledge. Whilst no two organisations are the same, there is one simple fundamental issue applicable to every organisation. People are the greatest asset, but when it comes to ICT security, people are also the largest and most obvious targets.


Security in Depth provides a range of security awareness programs designed to inculcate high value behaviours across your organisation.


Our programs include:

  • Boardroom debriefs
  • User awareness training
  • Executive level simulated cyber attack training scenario’s
  • Social Engineering training
  • Phising training and programs


All our awareness programs are conducted by world class, experienced trainers and delivered in a fun, collaborative environment. Each session includes: 

  • Real life examples of attacks
  • Understanding how each individual can contribute to both personal and corporate security awareness
  • A program that enables individuals and organisations to move towards a proactive approach to combating cyber threats.