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Infrastructure Testing

Whenever Infrastructure testing is required, either as a single business requirement or as part of a larger Cyber Security Review, Security in Depth can provide industry experts globally to work with your organisation.


Our focus, at Security in Depth, is to help organisations understand and locate some of the most complicated attack vectors across systems, locating and assessing vulnerabilities that tools and techniques organisations utilise during development are unable to detect.


Penetration testing with Security in Depth, is not simply vulnerability scanning or a security assessment. We combine those aspects of testing with a deep understanding of techniques different hackers utilise to simulate an attempted breach of your organisation's security.  This provides a world-class view and an understanding both at an executive and technical level of the vulnerabilities your organisation may face.


Our services include:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Internal penetration testing
  • External penetration testing
  • Application security testing
  • Remote access security testing
  • Wireless security testing
  • Mobility security testing
  • DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service


Our commitment to our clients security needs, means we focus on providing your organisation not only with highly valuable reports on what security vulnerabilities exist within your infrastructure, we also provide each organisation with recommended methods to secure the organisation based on each organisations unique business requirements.