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Cyber Risk Management

eco forumCyber incidents are now seen as a one of the top five global issues impacting business according to world economic forum.


Almost all organisations now have to review where and how they start to review cyber risk, this means most organisations need to identify: 

  • Who would likely attack their organisation? Could this be a simple disgruntled employee, an organised criminal activity, even a nation state?
  • What is the most valuable data within your organisation? Could it be members information? Customer Financial records? Future strategic directions? Once you understand the value of your information, then you will have a better insight into what hackers may want to extract?
  • How you could be attacked. What framework and processes are currently in place to enable your organisation to be best protected? What is your cyber security strategy and how does this deliver protection now as well as in the future?


Security in Depth provide a detailed Cyber Security Review service to address these points and help organisations improve their cyber resilience strategy.   


Immediate benefits from undertaking this review include:

  • A detailed report that can be utilised by your board, your executive team, your risk management team as well as your ICT department outlining the maturity levels of the different security layers within your organisation. Your report will be specific to your organisation and enable everyone to have the same understanding and language moving forward.
  • A detailed report that also provides an understanding and recommended solutions to the technical challenges facing your organisation.
  • A detailed roadmap, allowing your team to prioritise and develop a program of works to realise “quick wins” and create longer-term changes that create a more robust and secure enterprise.
  • As part of our research program, we will also benchmark your organisation against others within your industry to enable you understand how you compare against organisations of a similar nature and maturity.