Cybersecurity insights from Telstra, Loop Technology, Enosys and more | News

Cybersecurity insights from Telstra, Loop Technology, Enosys and more

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 Originally posted on CRN, October 26th 2017 


The Australian government estimates the cybercrime hit to the Australian economy at a conservative $1 billion a year. So it instructed cyber spies at the Australian Signals Directorate to offensively hack organised crime attacking Australians.


Meanwhile, the insurance industry has woken to the fact that the next round of attacks will be worse. In the wake of disruptions such as WannaCry and Petya, global insurer Lloyds is provisioning for a devastating $US53 billion ($A68 billion) blow to the world economy.


But the challenge for cybersecurity experts is to wake their customers – and their customers’ customers – to the reality of doing business in the 21st century’s cyber war zone.


With the sponsorship of cybersecurity vendors Mimecast and Sophos, we assembled some of Australia’s top cybersecurity partners to dig deep into what the channel is doing to protect Australians from cybervillains.


Patrick Butler, CEO, Loop Technology
Michael Connory, CEO, Security In Depth 
Michael Demery, director, Seccom Global
David Hunston, business development executive, PowerNET 
Audrey Lyon, chief revenue officer, Aquion 
Jason McClure, CEO, Sliced Tech
Jacqueline McNamara, head of security services, Telstra 
Joseph Mesiti, sales director, Enosys Solutions 
Chris Mohan, head of threat research & intelligence, Telstra 
Davis Pulikottil, GRC practice manager, Sense of Security 
Rupert Taylor-Price, CEO, Vault Systems
Scott Thomas, principal, Securite

Jon Fox, channel director, Sophos
Nicholas Lennon, country manager, Mimecast

Nate Cochrane, CRN