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Security in Depth has developed over 20 courses focused on providing your organisation and your organisations staff the world’s best Cyber Security Training on the world’s best learning Platform. These individual courses is an effective way for organisations to meet their legal obligations as well as provide staff with a strong understanding of how to protect themselves and the organisation online.

The Cyber Awareness Program is particularly useful because:,.

  • staff can access it from multiple locations and at different times
  • training is self-paced
  • participants can stop and return to the training at different points
  • the training program only takes around 45 minutes to complete
  • staff are able to access the program at a time that suits them.

On completion of the program staff will have:

  • an understanding about what constitutes a data breach, how Cyber Incidents can happen and what to do in case an incident occurs
  • knowledge about their individual rights and responsibilities
  • information about the role of managers and other parties within the internal process
  • an awareness of what to do should they become aware of a data breach

How it Works

The interactive training program sets out a series of scenarios which staff must understand and respond to in order to successfully move through the training module. These scenario’s touch on relevant and realistic work place instances of phishing, social engineering, ransomware and business email compromise attacks. Staff must answer questions correctly to move through the training program and to become accredited at the end.

Delivery & Customisation

The training is delivered either via Security in Depth’s award winning Learning Platform or it can be licensed to the organisation for delivery via the organisation’s Learning Management System. An off the shelf program is available for purchase or alternatively for an additional cost it can be customised to include the organisation’s policies and procedures, logo and branding.

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Best-in-class organizations have it all figured out. They know traditional “one-size-fits-all” training sessions (including those delivered via LMS) just don’t make sense anymore. Whether it’s in the classroom, or via e-learning, lengthy information dumps do nothing but overload employees. Plus, generic courses simply force employees to sit through a bunch of irrelevant content to find their own nuggets of gold. The end result is that employees leave sessions frustrated and often no further ahead. And with no way to reinforce what they’ve learned, there’s no point. They’ll forget most of it within a month anyway.

The bottom line is these outdated methods don’t give employees the knowledge they need to do their jobs well, which can seriously impact the business’s bottom line.

About Us



 Training is a foundational component of our Cyber Awareness  Methodology, and our unique approach allows you to deliver effective cyber security education in a flexible, on-demand format that minimizes disruption to daily work routines. Here are some of the key benefits to our modules: 


Classroom Training

 We benchmark, then personalize.  We know from countless training sessions that companies are 2.3 times more likely (91 percent vs. 39 percent) to assess current knowledge and skills to identify gaps that training needs to address.  With this insight, they can identify employee strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized knowledge plan to help these employees reach their potential.

We use learning techniques that appeal to multiple generations and mirror real life. From millennials to boomers, our training solutions are 76 percent more likely to incorporate modern techniques that make learning more engaging and effective for multiple generations. These techniques mimic real-world applications like Google, Facebook and YouTube.


Making Learning stick

 We make learning agile and continuous. Instead of approaching training with a “one and done” mindset, best-in-class organizations view learning as an ongoing process that is woven into each workday. They know change is the only constant, so they are 37.5 percent (33 percent vs. 24 percent) more likely to keep employee knowledge agile in order to respond to shifting priorities. One way they are doing this is by leveraging modern learning technologies that allow content to be changed on the fly, ensure it can be pushed out to employees immediately, and also enable employees to pull it when they need a quick reference.