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Our Values

At Security in Depth, we aspire to be a leader in our field and the service provider that our clients think of first. We believe that our values, our belief in people and supporting them with the right tools and practices is how we can continually connect our clients to better outcomes.


Business Objectives

  • To satisfy our clients by helping them solve their business problems.
  • To have a sustainable business with a sound reputation for delivery and innovative solutions.
  • To be a premium provider of Cyber Security Research information
  • To be a premium provider of Infrastructure Testing services including internal, external and simulated attack scenario’s.
  • To be a premium provider of consultancy services in the fields of Cyber Security, Risk Management and ICT security design.
  • To be a premium provider of Security Awareness training and recognised as a superior source of knowledge for our partner organisations.


Our Values

  • A safe pair of hands because we are reliable and trusted
  • We focus on our clients by being responsive, through our expertise and our processes
  • Solution focused, but we take the time to listen, empathise and understand first
  • Passionate and motivated to make a difference
  • Process discipline without bureaucracy


Our Commitments

  • To apply our core business values at all times.
  • To always maintain ethical business, corporate and personal practices, including compliance with all applicable legal and statutory requirements.
  • To provide a safe workplace and safe work systems.
  • To value customer service above all else.
  • To respect, support and encourage everyone’s ability and contribution.
  • To implement a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001 including continuous improvement. Our quality policy and systems allow us to get it right, first time and every time so that we deliver on our promises on time, on budget and with value add. Our quality management system covers the delivery of management consulting and training aservices.